Welcome to the Ohara Ikebana Society of San Diego. Devoted to the study of ikebana, as taught by the Ohara School of Ikebana, and to the principles of tranquility and friendship through flowers, the society welcomes everyone interested in the art of ikebana and the study of Japanese culture as expressed though ikebana.

The society has a membership of more than 130 people who enjoy learning the art of ikebana as formulated by the Ohara school of Ikebana. The society has an annual flower show, which is staged in Balboa Park and is free to the public, and teachers in the society also stage workshops and demonstrations throughout San Diego County. Special events and classes are provided for society members.

The society has chosen the blue hydrangea to represent the desires of its members to promote harmony and friendship among its members. We welcome you to join us in this pursuit of harmony and friendship through the art of ikebana.

• Promote, harmonize, and share the friendship and creative art of ikebana.
• Introduce Japanese flower arrangement techniques and culture as a community service through annual flower shows, demonstrations, and workshops presented by society members.